We are already over 30,000 Glumpers fans on Facebook

After just over a year since the inauguration of the Glumpers Facebook page, which took place in March 2010, we managed to overcome the 30,000 fans and growing, counting each day with new fans of Glumpers. This cartoon has spread throughout the network, you can enjoy it from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and on this website, the official website. Periodically providing new content such as episodes of the first season of the television series, web/facebook based games and more glumperian content.

Motion Pictures has made the animated series Glumpers to be known by the audience before the series is released on television, so we are able to identify with these funny and charismatic characters from the first moment that we meet them, plus we will have a great time for all family members. Besides finding them on the web, Glumpers currently are aired on several international broadcasters such as TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya), NRK (Norway), Raidue (Italy), Mediacorp (Singapore), Crown Entertainment (Indonesia)-My CBBC Toons (UK) and new TV’s are joining us on this glumperian adventure.

Many thanks to all who follow the Glumpers! Without you this would not happen!